News: Red stripes causing locals’ road rage

Coloured-Ped-CrossingLarge red road stripes – which are called ‘threshold treatments’ and are designed as a signal to truck drivers and motorists that they are crossing a ‘threshold’ into a residential quiet zone – have created outrage amongst Auckland residents in Balmoral and Sandringham.

According to Stuff, the thick horizontal lines have appeared on numerous side streets in Sandringham and Balmoral bordering arterial route Dominion Road, creating confusion amongst residents and motorists, as there has been a delay in the explanation of their purpose.

More than 31 intersections in side streets surrounding Dominion Road will have the red painted lines in place by mid-December when the overall quiet zone upgrade is due to be completed. Continue reading “Red stripes causing locals’ road rage” »

NQN: NQN: Keep your truck close and your beer closer

miller_high_lifeA spate of truck thefts from rest stops since 2012 across the state of Florida in the USA has seen such severe losses that a task force has been created to curtail further robberies.

Newsweek reports that earlier this year a truck hauling more than 180,000 eggs was stolen in Fort Myers, and a truck full of Slimfast diet shakes was snatched in Orlando. A thief with a penchant for chocolate nabbed a truck laden with Hersheys chocolate bars in Volusia county in Florida.

But the latest was a truck full of premium brand Miller High Life beer (around 9700 four packs) which was taken illegally from a rest stop in Orange County, Florida. Continue reading “NQN: Keep your truck close and your beer closer” »

News: Councillor raised flag on Dunedin fleet issues years ago

dunedinA Dunedin City councillor has told Fairfax NZ he raised concerns about the way the city was disposing of its cars and trucks three years ago – expressing concerns auction services were shut out of the process.

Lee Vandervisb says he alerted the council’s chief executive at the time – Paul Orders – in 2011 that the Dunedin branch of Turners was being shut out of contracts for the disposal of used cars.

The council is embroiled in a months-long scandal over the disposal of vehicles from its Citifleet unit – the leader of which died suddenly in May. Continue reading “Councillor raised flag on Dunedin fleet issues years ago” »

News: VTNZ wins best overall workplace award

2012-VTNZVehicle Testing NZ – a major CoF supplier – has taken the title of New Zealand’s best workplace of 2014.

VTNZ beat 228 New Zealand organisations to receive this year’s top award as part of the IBM Kenexa best workplaces awards. VTNZ also received the award for the best workplace for 750 or more employees.

The awards were achieved based on the employees’ ratings in a confidential online survey. VTNZ’s 750 plus employees graded their workplace and employ across twelve key categories including leadership, culture, recognition and engagement. Continue reading “VTNZ wins best overall workplace award” »

News: Minimising road work delay for Northland freighters

imagesTruck drivers and motorists in Northland will not have to face the frustration of road work delays this summer as the $8.4 million State Highway maintenance programme kicks off after the Labour weekend break.

A new timetable for maintenance work on Northland state highways has been devised following a meeting between the freight industry and the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Contractors will now be working overnight and at weekends to minimise delays. Continue reading “Minimising road work delay for Northland freighters” »

News: Ideal time for Jucy to launch in the UK

JUCY-Grande-Lucy-e1291854987666Potential accommodation shortages in Britain during the 2015 Rugby World Cup could be alleviated by Jucy camper vans multimillion dollar expansion into the UK market.

Jucy, which operates in New Zealand as well as the US and Australian markets, will launch in the United Kingdom by mid next year.

The UK move has led to the purchase of almost $5 million dollars worth of new luxury camper vans which will be rented to tourists in both New Zealand and the UK. Continue reading “Ideal time for Jucy to launch in the UK” »

News: Naked Bus launches sleeper service

reesby-coachlines-naked-bus448x257Naked Bus will launch an overnight sleeper service – with lie-flat bunk-style beds – between Auckland and Wellington from December 18.

The company says sleeper bus routes are available elsewhere in the world but the Naked Bus sleeper will be the first of its kind in New Zealand.

The service will be manned by an on-board attendant, passengers travelling together will be able to sleep on bunks next to each other, while single travellers will be placed next to a person of the same gender. Continue reading “Naked Bus launches sleeper service” »

News: No interest hikes before December 2015

ANZ_H_blue_hexThere will be no increases in the official cash rate (OCR) – which drives up interest rates – for more than 12 months, encouraging news for the vehicle and equipment sales industry.

This is the opinion of the ANZ Bank, which describes domestic inflation pressures as ‘benign’.

The bank was commenting on the news that the consumer price index (CPI) rose only 0.3% in the September quarter. Continue reading “No interest hikes before December 2015” »

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