News: Imarda signs first franchisee in South Africa

Selwyn Pellett

Selwyn Pellett

Imarda Ltd has embarked on the global expansion phase of its i360 platform, signing a franchisee partnership with Imarda SA Technologies (Pty) Ltd – formerly Telematics Tracking, in South Africa.

Imarda SA Technologies (Pty) Ltd will be an Imarda authorised franchisee in South Africa; with its network of dealers, resellers and agents, distributing and supporting the i360 platform and hardware devices.

As part of the franchisee offering Imarda SA Technologies (Pty) Ltd now has access to continued product development by Imarda’s dedicated team and the business model and systems that support rapid customer acquisition and retention. Continue reading “Imarda signs first franchisee in South Africa” »

News: National truck and machinery auction at Turners

11655211aaTurners has more than 30 lots up for bidding in this weeks national truck and machinery auction being held at 68 Gavin St, Auckland on Thursday April 24 from 9.30am.

Viewing at any Turners Branch is from 8.30 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday.

Viewing of any unit located off site is by appointment so please contact the consultant. Continue reading “National truck and machinery auction at Turners” »

News: Alice makes faster progress on Waterview Connection

tmb1Alice the tunnel-boring machine which is being operated by the Well-Connected Alliance is making faster progress than expected on the Waterview Connection project.

From April 3, Alice sped up from making 16m of progress daily to 20m, and more than 600m of tunnel was created by the second week of this month.

Prior to this Alice has created 250m of tunnel by February, as part of the operation to create twin 2.4km long tunnels, 13.1m in diameter, which will connect the Southwestern and Northwestern Motorways to become the city’s western ring route in more than two years time. Continue reading “Alice makes faster progress on Waterview Connection” »

News: Union calls for change to Govt procurement policy


The rail engineering industry has been let down by National’s lack of manufacturing policy, and Labour’s measures represent a shift in approach to supporting domestic industries, says the Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RTMU).

“Dunedin and Lower Hutt workers have felt totally kicked in the guts by National, who are happy to ‘pick winners’ in some sectors but abandon others,” says RTMU general secretary Wayne Butson.

“134 workers lost their jobs at Hillside Engineering in Dunedin, after National made it clear to KiwiRail that their approach to procurement had to be opting for the cheapest possible gear, whatever the cost to jobs and local economies.” Continue reading “Union calls for change to Govt procurement policy” »

News: Brownlee: Cunliffe wrong on Transport fund

Gerry Brownlee

Gerry Brownlee

Transport minister Gerry Brownlee says Labour leader David Cunliffe has got himself in the most astonishing predicament on TV3’s Firstline by claiming the National land transport fund is “going to be in surplus very soon,” so it’s time to give some of it back to taxpayers.

“We know Mr Cunliffe is under significant pressure from his own caucus, having announced policy on the hoof yesterday without telling the team back at Labour’s war room,” says Brownlee.

“Now, when asked by the media this morning to explain where the forgone revenue from this policy would come from, Mr Cunliffe has resorted to making things up, presumably thinking no one would call him on it. Continue reading “Brownlee: Cunliffe wrong on Transport fund” »

News: More good news

Consumer confidence is tipped to keep the NZ economy on its current growth path, says the ANZ/Roy Morgan consumer confidence report.

“More households feel better off compared to a year ago (+13 versus +8 last month) – and that’s a good sign for spending,” says the ANZ.

“A high number of respondents still view it to be a great time to buy a major household item (a net balance of +47) – which is more good news for the vehicle and equipment sales industries – and the transport sector.” Continue reading “More good news” »

News: Easter storm makes driving conditions hazardous


The NZ Transport Agency says storm conditions at the start of the Easter break are making driving hazardous in Auckland and Northland and it advises people extreme care is needed on the regions’ state highways and roads.

Winds have gusted up to 98kph on the Auckland Harbour Bridge, there are reports of surface flooding on some sections of the city’s motorway network, and there is debris on several rural roads in both regions.

“Our maintenance crews are keeping roads open, but people need to drive to the conditions – use their headlights, lower their speeds and increase their following distances – for safe travel,” says NZTA national journey manager, Kathryn Musgrave. Continue reading “Easter storm makes driving conditions hazardous” »

NQN: Playing Jenga with Cat (equipment)

A little fun from Cat equipment – that obviously took a lot of skill!

What are the chances of setting up a game in New Zealand Gough Cat? Continue reading “Playing Jenga with Cat (equipment)” »

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